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Andrew Hildenbrand

Andrew Hildenbrand has a fascination with the pure and uncomplicated attractiveness found in the fundamental aspects of color and shape. He actively seeks out harmonious patterns within the act of painting, enabling colors to express themselves without constraints. Through his artworks, he investigates how his surroundings can be interpreted from a fragmented perspective, placing emphasis on symbolic and recurring forms. Hildenbrand's compositions hover between geometric abstraction and representational symbols. He confidently occupies the space between abstraction and representation, drawing parallels between painting and the improvisational nature of jazz. He believes that each new painting builds upon discoveries made in previous ones, forming an interconnected artistic progression.


Andrew Hildenbrand



Acrylic on panel

16 x 12 inches

Screen Shot 2023-11-03 at 10.41.43 AM.png

Andrew Hildenbrand
“Composition with Plants”
Oil on panel
36 x 24 inches


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